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What is IoTBox?




A Box designed for Internet of things applications such as Home, Industrial automation and cloud based farming.

The Main Box is built in with Qualcomm DragonBoard410C which communicate with clouds and other sub Boxes. Sub Boxes are built in with MCU's and sensors to form the IoT network and it has the wireless modules (WI-Fi or RF) to communicate with the Main Box. Every Sub Boxes act as node, with out disturbing the environment it can be installed anywhere, similar like plug. The Main Box can be simply plugged into your TV HDMI port to monitor and control.Using of normal remote you can control all your appliances. IoTBoxApp is an Mobile application ,using that you can take control from anywhere over internet.

  • Design

    It comes in portable size with USB and HDMI Port. Channel outputs may very according to the user needs.

  • Features

    - Easy to carry anywhere

  • - TV based Graphical User interface

  • - Easy Installation

  • - Supports Zigbee , Z-wave and 6LoWPAN

  • - Flexible channels

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